A Virtual Tour Done Right – Despite Coronavirus

It’s been a wild few weeks as all properties are dealing with the evolving COVID-19 situation, and the related regulations that continue to disrupt our everyday lives and businesses. But one thing remains the same: throughout it all, you need to keep an eye to the future. And that means marketing to fill vacancies.

But with most leasing offices reducing in-person contact or closing altogether, we wanted to provide an outstanding example of one that is working hard to adapt to our present circumstances, while helping potential renters overcome their own feelings of uncertainty during this difficult time: 

The Seasons Apartments in Laurel, MD Logo
(Please make sure you turn on the sound – the background soundtrack is what truly puts this video over the top!)

The Seasons Apartments shared this creative virtual tour that not only showcased a floor plan for one of their units, but introduced potential renters to the property’s team in a fun way as well! 

This video was shared to a private industry Facebook group by Casey Perryman, District Manager with GoldOller and is shared here with her permission. 

Virtual Tour: Behind the Scenes

So how exactly is their team using this video? Casey said, “We are sending [the video] as a means of follow up from previous leads and new leads coming in. [The] purpose is to highlight the home but also the team before they move in. Hoping that we make a connection.”

When deciding to create this video, she thought: “What better way to not only show the home but who will be here for them when they call us home. Everyone has been on edge about losing the connection with prospects during this trying time- so I racked my brain to figure out how to make the connection while keeping everyone safe and while having fun!”

Make a Virtual Tour for Your Own Property

Casey described her process of creating the video too: “I wrote the dialogue ahead of time [and] we had a dry run first. But the team was so engaged and it broke up all the worry we have just for a small period of time.”  

Let this example inspire your property to create your own solutions and certainty during a time where both feel in short supply.

The video clearly spoke to the multifamily community. After posting it just before 11am on March 25, 2020 it racked up over 200 positive engagements and over 180 comments within a little more than a day. And I’m sure when prospects see this, that The Seasons will certainly stay top of mind during their apartment search!