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Call marketing

It’s time to get started

Similar to our yearly physicals at the doctor’s office, it’s just as important to conduct regular “check-ups” on your SEO to see how well it’s functioning. Analyzing your website and its content frequently helps you to know if you’re operating at peak performance and receptibility with your users. It will also help identify any missed … Continue reading It’s time to get started

Get Big Results with Big Data

You may have heard this word being thrown around in a marketing meeting or two, but weren’t quite sure of its impact to your property–Big Data. Netflix, Amazon, and credit card companies all use it. It’s been a hot buzzword for quite some time, especially within the marketing realm, and it’s being used by companies … Continue reading Get Big Results with Big Data

Don’t Slack on the Call

It’s no secret. Our society is evolving into one in which smart phones, tablets and every other digital device pretty much dominates our lives. It is also not hard to believe that, over the year, mobile marketing has advanced to the point where users can now click to call a business right in their search … Continue reading Don’t Slack on the Call