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Resident Retention

Should you market for resident retention too?

Connecting with prospective renters is a job in and of itself. We conduct hours of research to gauge perspective on our target, then develop strategic advertising plans with what we hope is the precise marketing mix that will sway them to sign a lease. Rarely, however, do current renters feel the love from a deliberate, … Continue reading Should you market for resident retention too?

Social media reviews are now more important than ever

Overall, property reviews across the country have declined. This is likely due to limited interactions with staff, less move-ins/out, and overall greater tolerance for issues due to a heightened understanding of the circumstances. Google has even temporarily delayed its online review publishing due to limited staffing from COVID. But, one thing this pandemic has magnified … Continue reading Social media reviews are now more important than ever

Top apartment woes and how to fix them

Good tenants are sometimes hard to find, and having unhappy tenants are just overall bad for business. Tenants with unresolved issues are less likely to renew and refer others to your property and are more likely to take to review sites first to publish their personal property experiences online. Knowing which top tenant complaints you … Continue reading Top apartment woes and how to fix them

Keep your eye on the target

Your multifamily property is unique in its own right. Though your community may have the ability to appeal to the masses, it is more likely that a specific segment of renters will actually call your place home. Knowing and understanding who this segment of renters is can make all the difference in your lead, conversion … Continue reading Keep your eye on the target

Not your average portal

Convenience. It’s a luxury that we all deserve. So, why should your renters prove any different? Convenience can come in many shapes and forms; but, when it comes to the leasing industry, it mainly comes in the form of amenities. And we’re not just talking about your standard water, sewer and trash. As a property … Continue reading Not your average portal

Simplify your rental process

Make it easy for someone to do a task, and more will do it—yes? This simple theory definitely holds true for the leasing world. If you make it easier for prospects to rent from you, then more renters are likely to cling towards you, and, soon, others will follow suit. It isn’t rocket science, yet … Continue reading Simplify your rental process

3 Top Resident Complaints Solved with Rentbot

We’ve all experienced them at one point or another, and it’s always a great feeling when we can solve one every now and again. I’m referring to those infamous rental complaints that can tend to result in excess vacancies, poor online reviews and overloaded voicemail boxes. From leftover pet waste sprinkled on the front lawn … Continue reading 3 Top Resident Complaints Solved with Rentbot

Improve your Customer Experience

If I were to ask you if your current marketing strategy is centered on your customer, how would you respond? Yes? or No? Well, if the answer is yes, then you’re right on track. If it’s no, then you have some work to do. Despite the fact that we may invest heavily in the greatest … Continue reading Improve your Customer Experience