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Top apartment woes and how to fix them

Good tenants are sometimes hard to find, and having unhappy tenants are just overall bad for business. Tenants with unresolved issues are less likely to renew and refer others to your property and are more likely to take to review sites first to publish their personal property experiences online. Knowing which top tenant complaints you … Continue reading Top apartment woes and how to fix them

Increase your Lease-up Success with Rentbot

An all too familiar term in the multifamily industry is a property lease-up. It’s the infamous period of time in which an apartment community begins the leasing process, starting at its construction all the way up to a year following its opening. Lease-ups are spectacular for the bottom line, but trust and believe, it may … Continue reading Increase your Lease-up Success with Rentbot

Not your average portal

Convenience. It’s a luxury that we all deserve. So, why should your renters prove any different? Convenience can come in many shapes and forms; but, when it comes to the leasing industry, it mainly comes in the form of amenities. And we’re not just talking about your standard water, sewer and trash. As a property … Continue reading Not your average portal

Simplify your rental process

Make it easy for someone to do a task, and more will do it—yes? This simple theory definitely holds true for the leasing world. If you make it easier for prospects to rent from you, then more renters are likely to cling towards you, and, soon, others will follow suit. It isn’t rocket science, yet … Continue reading Simplify your rental process

Happy Holidays from Rentbot!

Holiday season is upon us! During this time of year, the rental market typically slows down; but, you can still take advantage of these cold, winter months by taking a good, hard look at your current marketing strategy to ensure you are still one step above your competition. The first thing you should do is … Continue reading Happy Holidays from Rentbot!

Increase Staff Productivity, Sign More Leases

What would you do with an extra hour or two to spare in your workday? We’ve all heard of the old adage, “work smarter, not harder.” But, in the world of property management, this may be hard to do. Improving productivity in your rental office oftentimes means hiring additional help, but this doesn’t have to … Continue reading Increase Staff Productivity, Sign More Leases

Reduce Tenant Turnover; Keep your Renters Smiling

Tenant turnover—a phrase most Property Managers do not like to hear. For a Property Manager, there’s nothing more satisfying than a “good” tenant. These are those tenants who pay their rents on time each and every month, are pretty much silent dwellers and renew their lease every year faithfully. Though it’s always great to strive … Continue reading Reduce Tenant Turnover; Keep your Renters Smiling

Make Life Easy with Rentbot

Life isn’t always easy in the rental apartment world. Property Managers and Developers don’t always encounter smooth sailing. Leasing agents and maintenance staff are often swamped as well. And, from a tenant’s point of view, there are high monthly payments without the benefits of a long-term investment like that of home ownership. Plus, tenants expect … Continue reading Make Life Easy with Rentbot