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The most bang for your buck—ILS or Website?

I’m sure those three letters—I-L-S (or Internet Listing Service)—have crept their way into every leasing office discussion at one time or another., and are just a few that have made their marks in the apartment industry, but the list is growing daily. Many Property Managers, especially those managing smaller communities, are left … Continue reading The most bang for your buck—ILS or Website?

It’s here! Rentbot launches newly designed website with you in mind.

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of the newly designed Rentbot website! In efforts to provide you with greater access and to Rentbot’s capabilities and a more personal experience, we’ve introduced new content, features and a demo center, ultimately helping you make the right decisions for your property.

New Trends in Apartment Renting

As the economy continues on its steady upsurge, the demand for rentals continue to grow. Residents today are renting longer and smarter. According to a recent 2015 Harvard study, the share of US households that rent is at a 20-year high. Real estate developers all over the country are now scrambling to get the best … Continue reading New Trends in Apartment Renting

Apartment Website Myths Busted!

You don’t have a website? Don’t worry you’re not alone. Many property managers and rental owners have not yet made the digital plunge for a myriad of reasons—some including lack of time, not thinking it necessary, or don’t know where to start. An apartment website is an important addition to one’s overall marketing strategy and … Continue reading Apartment Website Myths Busted!

Increase your Online Presence, Secure More Leads

As property managers, we all want more leads but we all don’t know where or how to get them. Marketing an apartment is a full-time job and takes patience, consistency and, of course, creativity. A major factor of apartment marketing includes increasing your online presence, especially since most renters now a days are conducting their … Continue reading Increase your Online Presence, Secure More Leads

Top Renter Frustrations Revealed

The apartment leasing industry can be quite the whirlwind some days. Between collecting rents, responding to resident complaints, inspecting units, tracking maintenance requests, managing the office and putting out an occasional fire every now and then, I’m sure all can attest to the fact that a property manager’s job is never done. Days are too … Continue reading Top Renter Frustrations Revealed

Catch that Millennial!

As September approaches, several apartment communities will be welcoming a new cohort of millennial apartment renters, especially those properties located in or around college campuses. The millennial generation (also known as Generation Y) is greatly impacting the apartment leasing industry. They are one of the largest renter groups today, and, thanks in part to the … Continue reading Catch that Millennial!

Lease More Units with Floorplans

New Yorkers aren’t the only ones requesting floorplans now a days. In today’s rental market, a good floorplan is key to securing quality leads. A floorplan can make or break a unit in the prospect’s eyes. They can actually unveil more about a property than an image can by allowing tenants to visualize their physical … Continue reading Lease More Units with Floorplans

A Handy Dandy Video About Rentbot

At Rentbot, we believe in making things easy. That being said, if you’re a property owner, manager, or developer, you’re probably wondering what Rentbot does, exactly. With that in mind, we created this handy dandy video to explain how we make everything easier for professionals in the apartment industry. So grab a mini bag of … Continue reading A Handy Dandy Video About Rentbot