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Three reasons why Rentbot sites offer a greater bang for your buck

Rentbot websites offer multifamily property managers added reassurance with a full suite of modern options that come standard with each site and are designed to save time and money. Unlike other design firms and online site creation services, each of our websites offer fully customizable features in a turnkey option with low monthly pricing, making … Continue reading Three reasons why Rentbot sites offer a greater bang for your buck

Take your Google Ads on the go

Have you taken the dive into Google Ads yet? Ever wished you had the ability to make a pressing change to your ad on the go? Introducing…the Google Ads mobile app. Google makes it easier than ever to monitor the performance data from your top property ad campaigns through their handy mobile app. Though not … Continue reading Take your Google Ads on the go

Get Big Results with Big Data

You may have heard this word being thrown around in a marketing meeting or two, but weren’t quite sure of its impact to your property–Big Data. Netflix, Amazon, and credit card companies all use it. It’s been a hot buzzword for quite some time, especially within the marketing realm, and it’s being used by companies … Continue reading Get Big Results with Big Data

Happy Holidays from Rentbot!

Holiday season is upon us! During this time of year, the rental market typically slows down; but, you can still take advantage of these cold, winter months by taking a good, hard look at your current marketing strategy to ensure you are still one step above your competition. The first thing you should do is … Continue reading Happy Holidays from Rentbot!

Lease More Units with Floorplans

New Yorkers aren’t the only ones requesting floorplans now a days. In today’s rental market, a good floorplan is key to securing quality leads. A floorplan can make or break a unit in the prospect’s eyes. They can actually unveil more about a property than an image can by allowing tenants to visualize their physical … Continue reading Lease More Units with Floorplans

Make Life Easy with Rentbot

Life isn’t always easy in the rental apartment world. Property Managers and Developers don’t always encounter smooth sailing. Leasing agents and maintenance staff are often swamped as well. And, from a tenant’s point of view, there are high monthly payments without the benefits of a long-term investment like that of home ownership. Plus, tenants expect … Continue reading Make Life Easy with Rentbot