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Here’s how you can create an effective digital marketing strategy in five simple steps

Many multifamily communities recognize the benefits of investing in digital channels but do not have an official plan to support this investment and effectively engage their online prospects. Starting a digital marketing strategy can seem like a daunting task at first, but once you take the time to consider your goals, audience, and channels, the less overwhelming the process will become. And, once completed, you’ll welcome the insights and clear measures on ROI that you will experience having an integrated and defined strategy in place. 

Here are five steps to developing a fully integrated digital strategy. Continue reading Here’s how you can create an effective digital marketing strategy in five simple steps

Five mistakes your designer may have made with your website

Investing in a website for your property is a pretty big deal. You’ve likely spent countless hours researching reputable designers, comparing pricing, and surfed the wide web for inspiration. Having finally landed on the “the one,” you trusted them to master the concepts of good web design and deliver a new website that provided a seamless user experience and stellar position in the SERPs. Sadly, as time went on, you may have realized that that shiny, new site was heavy on the glitz and glam but lacked the function.

Here are five of the most common website mistakes often made by designers that you will want to avoid in your web design process. Continue reading Five mistakes your designer may have made with your website

Top 5 Google ranking factors you need to consider this year

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a continually evolving process, making it quite the challenge for marketers to pinpoint the perfect areas to hone in on when trying to land a top spot in the SERPs. As Google continues to configure its ranking factors to cultivate the best user experience, it’s essential to heed the current trends to continue to rank well. 

Here are some of the top Google ranking factors that should be on your radar this year: Continue reading Top 5 Google ranking factors you need to consider this year

Three ways you can make the most out of a limited Google Ads budget

If you’re ready to try Google Ads but have serious reservations because you’re currently running low on funds, don’t fret, you can still create significant moves. Whether you’re not quite ready to invest fully into Google Ads, are a relatively modest spender, or you just don’t have the financial flexibility to delve in quite yet, the potential to score big-budget Ads results still exists. Even with a somewhat limited investment in Google Ads, you can receive lasting benefits through increased traffic, improved conversions, and ultimately, greater leases. 

Here are some tactics you can use to better optimize your low-budget Google Ads campaign for big-budget success. Continue reading Three ways you can make the most out of a limited Google Ads budget

Is it time for you to try Tik Tok?

It’s the latest social media craze that has stolen the time and attention of Generation Z–the infamous Tik Tok. Nowadays, you can’t scroll through any social media channel or news station without someone mentioning the viral, short-form video platform. And with engagement surpassing that of Instagram, this fairly new sensation has attained over 500 million active users who spend an average of fifty minutes on the app.

Influencers and brands are using Tik Tok to connect with their target market in a new and different way. Several within the real estate industry have already taken hold of this trend, with many finding success with taking a more creative approach to marketing their available properties. If you’re wondering if it’s time to give the platform a spin for your multifamily properties, here’s what you should know.

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Conversions on the slope? Try these four tactics.

Conversions–they are the golden ticket of digital marketers everywhere. We all want them, our bottom line needs them, and many spend hundreds of thousands to land them. Despite your motivation, one thing holds true–a quality website is a high converting one. If your site is slacking in the conversion arena, you should start your journey by checking these four to-dos off of your list. Continue reading Conversions on the slope? Try these four tactics.

Can your website accommodate today’s virtual leasing experience?

Many know by now the importance of a good property website. And, by “good,” I’m referring specifically to its conversion potential. After all, if your site isn’t offering you conversions, then what’s the point, right? As we tiptoe out of this pandemic, slowly but surely, many are revamping their sites to adapt to the changed behavioral shifts and preferences that many prospective renters adopted while sheltering in place for the long haul. 

Whereas pre-pandemic, the primary function of your website was to essentially get your prospects into the door while your rockstar leasing team did the rest; now, your website must be equipped to do double-duty essentially. The pandemic has caused a catalytic shift in the way apartments are rented. Renters have become accustomed to fulfilling all aspects of the rental process online–tours, paperwork, questions, etc. So, if you haven’t upgraded your website to accommodate this substantial shift, you’re losing out on quality conversions. Here’s what you’ll need to consider to keep up with the times. Continue reading Can your website accommodate today’s virtual leasing experience?

Should you market for resident retention too?

Connecting with prospective renters is a job in and of itself. We conduct hours of research to gauge perspective on our target, then develop strategic advertising plans with what we hope is the precise marketing mix that will sway them to sign a lease. Rarely, however, do current renters feel the love from a deliberate, well-planned marketing strategy; instead, they’re counted as residual with your other tactics. But, the problem is, both are audiences and assets, and you need each one to thrive. Setting aside the time, energy, and resources to focus on your current renters could result in higher retention rates, revenue, and referrals. Here are four key areas you’ll need to consider when marketing for retention.

1. Internal team/operations

A significant part of marketing for retention is ensuring you have a high-functioning internal operation. This refers to your leasing agents down to your property management software. You have to invest in people, systems, and amenities that will appease your renters’ evolving and recurring needs. Since your marketing efforts will ultimately lead your prospects into the hands of your internal team, they must hold the exact value of customer service that you do. Similarly, it becomes challenging for residents to overcome frustrating rental procedures and systems–so much so that dissatisfaction with the quality of management was voted the second most common reason residents left a particular community, according to a 2020 NMHC/Kingsley Apartment survey.

2. Engagement

Whether it’s resident programming, social media connections, or mailings, you’ll want to create and sustain a constant connection with your residents. You can get a little creative here without straying from the integrity of your brand. By creating positive two-way connections–be it in person, online, video, or via mailbox, you’ll be able to personalize your marketing and address your renters and their needs on an individual level. You will directly contribute to resident satisfaction and help drive new ambassadors, also known as referrals, in the process.

3. Current amenities

Reinforcing the value of your property is essential for retention. While many residents know about your services, in a nutshell, others will need a timely reminder. While it’s tempting to focus solely on new residents, they mustn’t be your only focus. In addition to serving as a prompting for residents to take advantage of current offerings, marketing your services keeps your name top of mind, which yields more significant benefits for you in the long term. 

4. Cost

Keeping in line with the principal, “If it doesn’t make money, it doesn’t make sense,” when setting your marketing budget, you’ll want to calculate your costs to market to each of your customer segments–new and existing. Spending your dollars efficiently will come down to knowing your resident turnover, retention rates, the acquisition cost for a new lease, and overall ad spend, broken down by tactic. And, while incorporating a retention marketing strategy will never replace your standard acquisition marketing, the results of your retention efforts will likely surprise you.   

Rentbot can help.

The first focus of your retention marketing strategy should be your property’s website. If you’re not hitting the numbers you envisioned, we can help. At Rentbot, we design websites for multifamily properties that attract, convert and retain tenants–guaranteed. And, what’s even better is that Rentbot is committed to building and supporting property management websites specifically for small and mid-sized properties. As a result, we make the process to get started easy, risk-free, and with a 60-day money-back guarantee. In a matter of days, we’ll build a mobile-friendly website tailored to your specific property and begin attracting the leads, conversions, and retention rates you’ve been wanting. And, with 24/7 support, we’ll be along for the entire ride–no matter the day or night. Let’s get started! Set up a call to speak with a Rentbot pro today.    

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Jonsette Calloway joined the Rentbot team in 2015. With a background in public relations, advertising, and copywriting, she has helped many clients achieve their marketing and communications goals within various fields, but she particularly enjoys working with the apartment industry.  

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