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Get More from Google with Advanced SEO

Your property’s online presence can make or break your success. With more renters now leaning on search engines to find their next apartment, having a well-optimized website comes second-hand to landing leads. Enter–advanced SEO.

Beyond scoring more website traffic, nowadays, you need a comprehensive strategy for your property that offers several benefits apart from numbers. Advanced SEO offers strategies that not only help optimize a website’s visibility but also improve ranking and overall performance in search engine results, which extend beyond the realms of the basics of SEO.

Here’s how advanced SEO can help you on your leasing journey. Continue reading Get More from Google with Advanced SEO

Six Strategies for Maximizing Multifamily Marketing Success in a Small Team

In today’s competitive real estate market, successful multifamily marketing is essential for filling vacancies and ensuring maximum property profitability. While some of the larger property management companies may have expansive marketing departments at their disposal, smaller multifamily teams often have to achieve similar results with fewer resources. Thankfully, there are strategies that small teams can utilize to thrive.

If you’re on the smaller end, here are a few practical tips for your small multifamily marketing team that can make a big difference. Continue reading Six Strategies for Maximizing Multifamily Marketing Success in a Small Team

Here are five things you’ll need to tell your multifamily story more effectively

Making your mark in the multifamily industry requires more effort than shining a light on your top features and amenities. You’ll need to appeal to the minds and hearts of potential renters genuinely and compellingly. You have to resonate with them in such a way that sparks emotions and builds connections. This requires telling your story–and doing it right. Continue reading Here are five things you’ll need to tell your multifamily story more effectively

Four ways to harness the power of data to boost your multifamily marketing strategies

In a competitive multifamily market, those who experience the most success are not just incubators of creativity coupled with a stroke of good luck; rather, they’re armed with the goods–all things data. When leveraged properly, data analytics can completely transform your marketing strategy, creating new pathways for extended growth and success. From website analytics to demographic data to lead generation and conversion data, by delving deep into the data, multifamily marketers can uncover unique and profitable insights about your renters, optimize marketing strategies and ultimately improve the outcomes of your properties. Continue reading Four ways to harness the power of data to boost your multifamily marketing strategies

Are you ready for the summer leasing season?

The summer season is most often considered prime time for apartment leasing. With the favorable weather and seemingly increased mobility, more potential renters are filling their longer days by actively searching for their next place to call home. Now’s the perfect time if you haven’t refreshed your property and revamped your marketing for the summer leasing season. Take advantage of the motivation and enthusiasm of the season to ride the rental surge successfully. 

Here are some ways you can seize the opportunity to attract new residents to your multifamily property this summer. Continue reading Are you ready for the summer leasing season?

Five strategies for multifamily property managers to convert web traffic to leases 

As a multifamily property marketer, driving web traffic to your website is a crucial step in attracting potential residents, as this is your primary marketing tool. However, the true measure of success lies in converting this web traffic into actual leases.

Here are five proven strategies that can help you optimize your website and transform frequent visitors into new residents and drive the success of your property. Continue reading Five strategies for multifamily property managers to convert web traffic to leases 

Personalization is key to standing out in a crowded renter’s market

In today’s marketing world, personalization has become more critical than ever. As consumers, we expect a customized experience that caters to our unique needs and preferences. This is particularly true in the multifamily industry, where renters seek a home that meets their lifestyle needs and caters to their personality. 

It should not come as a shock that the multifamily market, in particular, is highly competitive, with countless communities vying for the attention of the same prospective renters. As a result, property managers must provide a unique and personalized experience to stand out in such a saturated market. This can include customizing the leasing process to individual renters, such as offering personalized virtual tours or tailored lease agreements, leveraging personalized communications, or even offering unique and specific amenities and services that cater to renters’ lifestyle needs and interests. Similar tactics can not only enhance the renting experience but build loyalty among renters as well. In fact, according to a study by Multifamily Executive, 81% of renters said they would pay more for an apartment with features customized to their needs and interests. Additionally, in a survey by Zillow, 61% of renters said they were more likely to renew their lease if their apartment community offered personalized amenities and services. Continue reading Personalization is key to standing out in a crowded renter’s market

Curious about ChatGPT? Here’s how you can take advantage of the tool

With over 100 million users and a website scoring 1 billion visits each month, ChatGPT has taken the world by storm. Launched just short of a year ago, this infamous artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot has been the leading subject on news stations, in classrooms, and among friend circles worldwide. Driven by AI technology, the tool allows its users to hold intelligent conversations, answer questions, and perform tasks such as drafting code, emails, essays, and more.

While still in its infancy and growing, ChatGPT is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing apps to be created. It is also currently free to use but operates on a server, which can result in extended wait times if at capacity. But, if you do have the opportunity to leverage the popular tool, here are some ways you can use it to complement your multifamily property. Continue reading Curious about ChatGPT? Here’s how you can take advantage of the tool

Three hard truths on why user experience matters

User experience relates to how one interacts with your website–be it locating information, navigating through pages, or waiting for certain elements to load. When these interactions encounter turbulence, traffic begins to take a hard bounce. 

As the most powerful marketing tool, your website has the potential to make and break a conversion. This is why dedicating substantial resources to ensure your site remains modern, optimized, and efficient should be a top priority for any business–multifamily included. While investing more heavily in other popular marketing tactics may seem attractive initially, considerable impacts can be felt for veering toward the alternative. Not to mention, if you offer a poor website user experience, you’ll likely struggle to keep traffic and leads afloat. 

If you’re still on the fence about your website investment and overall user experience, here are just some of the ways user experience can impact conversions and, ultimately, your bottom line. Continue reading Three hard truths on why user experience matters

How AI is powering multifamily

Artificial intelligence has quickly integrated itself into various facets of our everyday lives–from shopping, healthcare, and security to customer support; AI has created waves across the technology sphere. The first adopters of the trend tout its efficiency, cost-effectiveness, risk aversion, and daily application. But, when you consider the multifamily market, do the same benefits apply?

Here are four ways to leverage AI and its benefits for your multifamily property.

1. Maintenance

AI is now being deployed across multiple properties and businesses for predictive maintenance. An essential task for successful property management is ensuring the property remains operational and in good condition. This comes down to having a streamlined and effective preventative maintenance strategy. That’s where artificial intelligence comes in. While leveraging property usage and condition data, managers are now able to use AI to prevent specific maintenance issues from occurring and predict when maintenance will be needed. This proactive approach has reduced tenants’ downtime and unforeseen expenditures substantially. It has also created space for more informed decisions in the long term, resulting in less stress and more significant savings on the back end.

2. Advertising

Google offers a suite of AI-based tools to help its customers reach their target audiences at the right times. Google’s AI, paired with machine learning, creates an understanding of a user’s habits and tendencies and then decides to target your ad toward them based on their conversion potential. Other AI-powered tools Google offers include smart bidding, responsive search ads, and audience discovery. Essentially, these tools partner with AI to optimize the best delivery for ads and reduce the front-end work for customers accurately and precisely.

3. Administrative tasks

The pandemic forced communities to adjust to remote, contactless environments, which spurred the increase in virtual leasing and AI-powered admin tools. AI tools are now utilized for daily tasks like responding to standard electronic questions about the property, scheduling tours, answering phone calls, and screening for renters. Managers and agents are finding that they have more time to focus on other high-priority items, ultimately creating a more pleasant experience for renters.

4. Market research

Another significant usage of AI has been its deployment in market research and analysis. These tools will deeply investigate market data trends and determine potential demand for designated areas. The resulting information can assist owners with future real estate investment potential and managers in their efforts to target possible markets and rental demand for specific properties.



Rentbot can help.

AI is changing the future of multifamily marketing as we know it. Whether you’re leveraging the technology for administrative, maintenance, or customer service purposes, the potential you’ll experience from the tool will be limited if your website is sub-par. We can help with that.

Rentbot offers modern multifamily websites that attract, convert, and retain tenants, saving you time and money. With industry-leading features like mobile-friendly designs, built-in SEO, and a conversion-optimized layout, once quality tenants find you, the site will drive them to contact you and schedule a tour through an AI system that you select or an agent. Additionally, with online availability, payments, and maintenance, the processing is streamlined and updated seamlessly, keeping your team and tenants happy. If you’re ready to transform your leasing experience, sign up for your free website trial today.



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