Are you ready for the summer leasing season?

The summer season is most often considered prime time for apartment leasing. With the favorable weather and seemingly increased mobility, more potential renters are filling their longer days by actively searching for their next place to call home. Now’s the perfect time if you haven’t refreshed your property and revamped your marketing for the summer leasing season. Take advantage of the motivation and enthusiasm of the season to ride the rental surge successfully. 

Here are some ways you can seize the opportunity to attract new residents to your multifamily property this summer.

Step up the curb appeal.

In the same way we preach about the importance of an attractive front digital door with your website, the same applies to your physical property. First impressions are important, and a well-maintained and visually appealing exterior can instantly attract potential residents. You can spruce up your property’s curb appeal by tightening up on the landscaping, trimming hedges, planting attractive flowers, and ensuring walkways and common areas are clean and inviting. You may also want to consider creating a welcoming communal space where residents can relax and enjoy all the season offers.

Ensure your maintenance is top-tier.

Just before the summer creeps up, you’ll want to conduct a thorough maintenance check of your property and the overall maintenance process. In addition to inspecting all units, common areas, and amenities to reveal any necessary repairs or upgrades, you’ll also want to review your overall resident maintenance process to identify any areas needing improvement. Are your residents being notified in a timely manner? Do you have the necessary resources to handle the most common maintenance issues? Make sure all air conditioner units are in top shape, pools are clean and ready, and outdoor amenities are functional. If there are items that require work, make sure they’re properly addressed to create a positive impression on those prospective renters.

Develop summer-specific marketing strategies.

You can tailor your marketing tactics to highlight the unique advantages of your property, particularly during this time of year. Incorporate multiple mediums, like social media, online advertising, and other listings, to highlight your summer offerings and specials. Pinpoint potential savings that residents may experience while living at your property, like reduced energy costs or all-inclusive amenities, whenever possible. Be sure to focus on the benefits of summer life at your property, including proximity to parks, pools, concerts, and other popular locations. When conducting in-person or virtual tours, be sure to note these summer selling points to enhance the overall appeal.

Customer service is key.

No one wants to live in a beautiful community with poor service. Your customer service must be prioritized to attract new residents and retain existing ones. Remember, resident relocations also tend to be higher during these months. Respond to inquiries promptly, clearly, and honestly to foster a smooth and genuine experience. Create a welcoming and positive environment for current and prospective residents, and be sure to go the extra mile whenever possible. Exceptional service tends to impact all residents’ impressions and encourage positive word-of-mouth.


Rentbot can help.

If you’re looking to refresh your property for summer, you’ll need to ensure both of your front doors are in order–your website and physical property. That’s where Rentbot can help.

With beautifully-designed layouts, high-quality imagery, and mobile-optimized design, you’ll be able to access the beauty of your property in person and on the go. Each site includes a built-in SEO package so your residents will have no issues locating you online, and the conversion-optimized site design will drive them to contact you for additional information. And what’s better is that residents can submit their maintenance requests and check current availability online, leaving more time for them to enjoy their fun in the sun.

If you’re ready to really take advantage of this summer rental season, invest in a Rentbot site and elevate your leasing game to new heights of efficiency and success.


About the Author

Jonsette Calloway joined the Rentbot team in 2015. With a background in public relations, advertising, and copywriting, she has helped many clients achieve their marketing and communications goals within various fields, but she particularly enjoys working with the apartment industry.