Residents will be looking for these amenities post-COVID

The pandemic has undoubtedly created waves within the multifamily industry. As with many industries, we’ve had to re-adjust, reimagine and even remove several past practices and replace them with others that were more closely aligned with residents’ safety and occupational needs during that time. As we take small strides to inch away from a few of these pandemic measures, we’re left with renters with desires and needs that have remained forever changed and continue to evolve, especially regarding property amenity preferences.

While amenities are a top attraction for renters, communities that can adapt to the changing needs and desires of renters tend to experience greater success in scoring the deal.

Here’s how amenity preferences have evolved in a seemingly post-pandemic world and what residents seek most.

Outdoor spaces

Socially-distanced outdoor gatherings and respites became the norm during the pandemic, and, from the looks of it, this trend is here to stay. Residents have indicated that having dedicated outdoor spaces is essential post-pandemic and may impact their decision to rent at a specific location. Properties that can offer patios, well-manicured outdoor layouts, trails, and more may be at an advantage given these new desires. 

Multifunctional features & open layouts

Given that so many Americans were required to work from home during the onset of the pandemic, new needs emerged from renters to better accommodate their in-home experiences. One of these is the need for a multifunctional space. Whether it’s offering pull-out desks, top-of-the-line internet connectivity, added nook space or built-in storage, renters want options. Additionally, open space layouts also rank highly on their preference lists, given the desire for flexibility. Properties that maintain the flexibility to adapt and enhance their spaces will incur benefits in the long term.

Efficient package services

The pandemic brought rise to a plethora of online orders, also sparking renters’ need for timely and efficient package retrieval. Properties that have found systems that allow their residents to secure their merchandise with minimal contact and hassle at their convenience are most appreciated by tenants. Moving forward, multifamily properties that have not adopted new-age package centers, like Amazon hubs and other digital retrieval package systems will likely encounter pushback from renters.

Health & wellness

COVID also refocused many people’s priorities to include their overall outlook on health and wellness. What’s now important to them is having the freedom and ability to recharge, relax and play in safe, accessible locations after transitioning from their working space. As such, renters desire communities with access to upgraded workout rooms, yoga studios, pools, gym partnerships, and more. 

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