Tax-Credit Property Drives Up Leads, Conversions in the Winter Doldrums

  • 33% more website traffic
  • Averaged over 35 leads per month
  • Cost per lead under $5

The Owner/Operator in Petersburg, VA needed a new website for a 74-unit, tax-credit property. The website had to be mobile-friendly with a modern design to increase leads, and required updated photos.

As a tax-credit property with a lean budget, the solution had to be affordable.

Less than a month after the client signed up, Rentbot launched the client’s new, conversion-optimized website. It featured attractive, high-definition property photos, courtesy of Rentbot after initial strategy meetings. The site also integrated with multiple existing service providers, including a resident portal.

The conversion-optimized website was launched in the dead of December 2015, when fewer people are typically searching for apartments. Even so, the new website yielded impressive results right from the start:

  • A 33% increase in website visitors and traffic month over month
  • A 6.72% conversion rate of website visitors into leads
  • An increase in leads of 290% over July 2015 and 640% over August 2015.

Over the next 3 years their website saw conversion rates of visitors into leads between 2.70% and 8.39%.

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