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Happy Renter

Boost your SEO and reputation with online reviews

Reviews have become an extremely popular tool for consumers to utilize in their daily purchasing habits—apartments included.  They have become so important that an survey recently uncovered that 80 percent of renters actually use these reviews during their apartment search process, and more than three quarters of renters consider reviews and recommendations to be … Continue reading Boost your SEO and reputation with online reviews

Simplify your rental process

Make it easy for someone to do a task, and more will do it—yes? This simple theory definitely holds true for the leasing world. If you make it easier for prospects to rent from you, then more renters are likely to cling towards you, and, soon, others will follow suit. It isn’t rocket science, yet … Continue reading Simplify your rental process

3 Top Resident Complaints Solved with Rentbot

We’ve all experienced them at one point or another, and it’s always a great feeling when we can solve one every now and again. I’m referring to those infamous rental complaints that can tend to result in excess vacancies, poor online reviews and overloaded voicemail boxes. From leftover pet waste sprinkled on the front lawn … Continue reading 3 Top Resident Complaints Solved with Rentbot

Stay One Step Above the Competitors

It is no secret that the multifamily industry is growing, and its growing fast. New properties are popping up every day it seems, making it much more difficult for communities to stay one step above the competition. Despite this ever-changing environment, it is still possible for owners and managers to breathe new life into their … Continue reading Stay One Step Above the Competitors

Happy Holidays from Rentbot!

Holiday season is upon us! During this time of year, the rental market typically slows down; but, you can still take advantage of these cold, winter months by taking a good, hard look at your current marketing strategy to ensure you are still one step above your competition. The first thing you should do is … Continue reading Happy Holidays from Rentbot!

Keep your Residents Renting Longer

The apartment industry is on an upward growth with hundreds of new units coming to the market every week. With this new growth, it is becoming increasingly important for properties to focus on resident retention. Keeping residents happy is one of the most challenging tasks for any property manager—and it goes beyond just marketing. Take … Continue reading Keep your Residents Renting Longer

Keep ‘Em Happier Longer

Every property manager and landlord alike wants to ultimately have happy tenants. Happier tenants not only make your life easier, but are just overall better for business. They are more likely to refer other renters, leave more pleasant reviews, and, of course, stay longer. Not sure how you can make your tenants happy? Here’s what … Continue reading Keep ‘Em Happier Longer