Status of Rentbot Operations Regarding COVID-19

As people across the US and around the world continue to experience  disruptions and upheaval due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to check in with you to let you know that Rentbot still hard at work! We are maintaining our normal 9am – 5pm schedule to meet your needs – we’re just doing it from the safety of our own homes. We plan on providing you with

Multifamily Marketing Tips During Emergencies

  • Update your hours. If you’ve reduced hours or closed your leasing office for now, make sure that’s reflected on each property’s Facebook page,  Google My Business listing and anywhere else you know leads may see. Accuracy is key in times of uncertainty.
  • Update availability. Similar to your hours, make sure you’re communicating consistently across Facebook, Instagram, Resident Portals, your websites, and Google My Business (through posts and updating your property’s business description – just make sure to change it back when things change!). If you’re closed for tours, let everyone know quickly so there’s less confusion to them and headaches for your staff answering emails and phone calls. Let your digital presence do the work for you!
  • Prioritize video tours. If you need to create one from scratch, now is the time to do it – even if it’s just with your own smartphone. If your leasing team isn’t touring in person, then creating and promoting your vacancies with video tours is a safe way to keep leads looking. Set yourself apart from other properties in ways that help!
  • Maintain (or Boost) Your Marketing. Remember, many apartment hunters are searching for 45 to 90 days out. While no one can predict where the world/country/multifamily industry in that time, normalcy will return eventually. And for those wanting or needing to move this summer and fall, they may have a lot of extra time right now to be searching. You want to make sure that your properties can be found most conveniently and convincingly.
  • Ask for help! Multifamily is a tight community with big hearts. Property managers are used to going above and beyond for their residents. Our business is literally providing homes to millions of people. If you need some extra help, like updating Google My Business listings or business hours on Facebook, let us know! 

How Can Rentbot Help You?

Until the end of March, Rentbot will provide your properties with one-time admin updates to Facebook pages, Instagram pages and Google My Business listings at no charge. We’re all in this together and we know our favorite clients are the ones who run with small staffs and tight budgets.

Reach out to Jon Yonce ( directly to let us know how we can help you out.

Resources for Multifamily During an Emergency

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