Here’s how you can create engaging videos that your audience will appreciate

Video has quickly emerged as a primary means to attract, engage and convert users online–so much so that more than half of consumers want to see videos from the brands they support. Given the increasing demand for video, it has become a vital tool for marketers to leverage in their marketing efforts to reach desired audiences across platforms.

As a multifamily marketer, you can experience similar benefits by incorporating a video marketing strategy into your overall marketing and engagement plan. But, you’ll need to be prudent in your approach. 

Here are a few tips you’ll need to consider when creating video content to attract your target audience.

1. Incorporate a call-to-action.

There’s no point in creating captivating video content if there’s no call to action. Include the desired response you want your viewers to take–schedule a tour, apply for a unit, or visit the website. This can be done using voiceover and incorporated text within the video with links to your website. Adding this simple feature will drastically improve your video’s quality and increase your engagement opportunities.

2. Consider hiring a professional.

If you know you do not have the resources to produce a high-quality video, this is where you’ll want to leave it to the professionals. While it may be tempting to test your video editing capabilities on your mobile device, this is not an ideal solution, especially if you are not experienced in shooting and editing these types of videos. Investing in hiring a pro will significantly elevate the quality of your video by not only taking into account certain elements that you may be unaware of, like lighting but also offering additional guidance on best practices in the industry for success.

3. Leverage existing residents.

What better way to market your community than with current residents? Instead of wrecking your brain to nail down a script, solicit a tenant or two to talk about what they appreciate about the property and why. They can speak from a place of authenticity and genuineness that your audiences will likely enjoy, with the hope of placing themselves in the speaker’s shoes.

4. Keep it short and straightforward.

If you’re posting your videos across social media, you’ll want to keep your videos no longer than 60 seconds. Short-form videos have been proven to be a preferred content type among viewers across these channels. Additionally, given today’s short attention spans, you’ll also want to be sure you optimize the first ten seconds of the video, ensuring that the most essential messaging is presented in the hook up front. 

5. Be intentional.

Just as with any media endeavor, you’ll want to have a clear strategy for your video content. Considering you have just a short timeframe to attract viewers, think about the important messages you want to communicate, including the call to action. Strategize on creative ways to relay these messages while telling a compelling story. Be mindful not to oversaturate the video with a plethora of property attributes, but pick and choose focus areas wisely. Remember, you can always create additional videos highlighting specific focus areas later.


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About the Author

Jonsette Calloway joined the Rentbot team in 2015. With a background in public relations, advertising, and copywriting, she has helped many clients achieve their marketing and communications goals within various fields, but she particularly enjoys working with the apartment industry.