5 Essential Marketing Tips Every Property Manager Should Know

When it comes to marketing apartments, there is no perfect formula, and different strategies tend to work for different properties. But, there are some important tips that you should know before trying to market your property in today’s rental market.

1. Start with a plan.

Before making any major moves with your apartment marketing efforts, you’ll first need to create an official marketing strategy. This strategy will outline how you will accomplish your sales goals and objectives for the upcoming year. It should include information like your target market, competitor details, promotional tactics, and timelines. This strategy will help you determine how to spend your marketing budget more effectively and provide a framework to attract the best renters for your property.

2. When it comes to reviews, take the good with the bad!

Though you may be tempted to ignore those angry renters who post negative reviews online, don’t! Responding to reviews-both positive and negative- can create a bigger payoff for you in the long run. You’ll not only show your residents that you care about their issues, but you will gain an inside knowledge into some of their biggest concerns. When responding, it is important that you do so quickly (within 48 hours), personalize your response and offer a solution. Your residents will definitely appreciate the one-on-one attention, and you’ll create a much more positive rental experience at the same time. After all, who wouldn’t want to live in a place where their opinions matter?

3. Don’t shy away from social media.

By taking advantage of popular social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, you will not only help build your online presence, but foster a deeper relationship with both your prospects and current renters by keeping your property top-of-mind. You should utilize these channels to not only market your community and any current specials, but to share valuable information such as resident events, major projects, and even address resident concerns. When creating your page, ensure essentials like your property website, address and phone number are included and up to date. The majority of your renters spend quite a bit of time on these channels every day, so it is important that you post relevant content at least three to four times per week to ensure a regular presence.

4. Your website is your best friend.

A good, quality, responsive apartment website can be a 24/7 lead generating machine for any property. While your website is the first time most prospects will connect with your property, it is extremely important to make sure their first impression is your best. An effective apartment website offers all of the answers to your prospects’ questions in one place. So, you should take full advantage of your site and include such information as real time pricing, layouts, unit pictures, availability, amenities, etc., and present in a clear, simple format. Last but not least, by incorporating a responsive design, your prospects will be able to view your site on any device of their choosing—be it mobile phone, laptop, tablet or desktop.

5. Internet marketing is on the rise.

In addition to your website and social media pages, there are other online marketing tactics that can offer substantial benefits for your property. These tools will not only help you increase your online visibility, but generate more targeted leads and conversions. When developing your next marketing strategy, make sure you look into incorporating search engine optimization for your website, a Google AdWords campaign and email marketing wherever possible. You’ll just need to ensure that you are collecting data from each campaign and tool along the way so that you can judge which tactic proved most effective.

Rentbot can help.

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About the Author

Jonsette Calloway joined the Rentbot team in 2015. With a background in public relations, advertising and copywriting, she has helped a multitude of clients achieve their marketing and communications goals within various fields, but she particularly enjoys working with the apartment industry.