Five digital marketing tools predicted to take-off in 2021

Thankfully, we’ve put 2020 (and all of its chaotic glory) to rest, but this also means that many of the top trends that we found to be effective may not be as relevant in 2021. The digital marketing world in and of itself is ever-changing, with new technologies and trends emerging quite frequently, oftentimes making them difficult to track. Throw a worldwide pandemic into the mix, and you can imagine the level of bewilderment and upheaval the industry and marketers alike have experienced–all in steadfast attempts to keep consumers connected and engaged in the most effective way possible.  Needless to say, if you want to succeed in the digital marketing space, you’ll always need to remain at the forefront of these evolving trends, meaning you’ll have to stay on a pivot. Here are some of the top digital marketing trends predicted for 2021 and how you can utilize them to your advantage in multifamily for the coming year:

1. Google Ads will continue to shine.

To no surprise, Google Ads will remain a top marketing platform in the coming year. Given the large share of the search engine market that it currently holds, its advertising and target potential remains unmatched. Marketers will find success by leveraging more of its internal tools like automated bidding, voice search, SMART goals, and expanded audience targeting. Those who are not yet current investors should focus on optimizing their Google My Business page for higher ranking in the SERPs for now, but seriously consider investing in the short term future. 

2. Chatbots (AI) will become more advanced and highly accepted.

We’ve mentioned the rise of chatbots before, but its time in the spotlight has only but scratched the surface. In 2021, you can expect to see artificial intelligence tools like these become more integrated with digital marketing channels as consumers begin to abandon their long-held preconceived notions and start to normalize the trend. Additionally, expect chatbots to grow more advanced in its capabilities to hold human-like conversations that consumers will find helpful. Multifamily properties interested in delving into the world of automated engagement can start by incorporating chatbots onto their website. The tool can be preloaded with responses for all of the top questions that you currently receive for your property and be made live 24/7 or only during your non-operational hours. 

3. Voice search will rise to the occasion.

Voice technology has grown substantially in popularity over the years, becoming a leading means of search for many households, thanks to the Alexas and Siris of the worlds. In fact, in 2020 alone, over 50% of Americans were projected to conduct their searches via voice. As the popularity and accuracy of AI continues to evolve, it is becoming increasingly important for marketers to incorporate a voice search strategy into their plans to effectively reach customers.  Properties can take begin to take heed of this trend by optimizing their content for voice search. Some of this entails writing in a more conversational tone, including frequently asked questions on your website, incorporating long-tail keyword phrases, and boosting your page loading time.

4. Short-form video

The popularity of video has held strong over the past few years, but really skyrocketed concurrently with shelter-in-place boredom spells. With the emergence of the pandemic came the mass welcoming of TikTok videos, Instagram reels, and endless Snapchats. Moving forward, properties should stay tuned to the rise of these platforms and consider testing out their effectiveness by creating short and catchy property reels that can be cross-promoted across multiple platforms. You’ll need to consider creative ways to not only visually showcase life at your property, but also incorporate branded messaging and call-to-actions in a matter of seconds-long clips. 

5. Featured snippets

Featured snippets come from web search listings and are located in a small box at the top of Google SERPs. Also known by its industry term “position zero,” Google displays snippets when it deems the format will help users more easily get the answer to their search query. Though marketers can’t necessarily select the content that is shown in a featured snippet thanks to Google’s algorithm (and top-secret methods), there are some helpful strategies that you can employ to try to increase your chances of being featured in one. Try incorporating long-tail keywords and phrases that start with “what are,” “where are,” etc; incorporate lists with relevant information; improve your website’ pages’ overall SEO; and utilize high-quality imagery, where appropriate.


Rentbot can help.

As you start to descend from the tower of upheavals that reigned in with 2020, it’s time to pivot towards transforming your digital marketing for survival in a post-pandemic world. While your website is your most powerful marketing tool, to truly generate conversions, you’ll also need to invest in supportive marketing strategies. If you’re not sure where to start, we can help. A qualified Rentbot professional will work with you one-on-one to determine the most effective marketing investments for your property–be it Google Ads or advanced SEO. And, you should know that we’re not your typical marketers. In fact, we’ve been trained by leading SEO firms and have over a decade of experience improving clients’ apartment SEO-driven traffic. And, because Rentbot specializes only in multifamily clients, we know the industry like the back of our hand. Jumpstart your 2021 into gear. Let’s talk digital! Contact us today, and hear back by tomorrow.



About the Author

Jonsette Calloway joined the Rentbot team in 2015. With a background in public relations, advertising, and copywriting, she has helped a multitude of clients achieve their marketing and communications goals within various fields, but she particularly enjoys working with the apartment industry.