Received Google Ads credits? Consider this before you spend.

To assist small businesses curb some of the financial toll from the pandemic, Google has committed to issuing $340 million in Google Ads credits to eligible account holders. These credits, which vary in amounts but range up to $1,000, are available to all small businesses that have maintained active accounts over the past year. Notifications will populate in receiving business’ Google Ads accounts, and credits can be redeemed anytime this year across Google’s platform. If you happen to receive one of these credits, you may be wondering how you can get the biggest bang for your buck. These tips can help. 

It’s okay to stick with what works.

We get it. We’re in some pretty uncertain times economically right now, which is why there is nothing wrong with investing your limited resources into tried and proven marketing strategies. So, if your current Google Ads strategy has been producing decent conversions all along and there haven’t been any major shifts within your property, it is totally okay to opt out of “rocking the boat” for now. But, before you allocate your credits, you will likely want to use this time to take a deep dive into your metrics to really hone in on what particular areas have been performing well for you recently (ie: locations, keywords, times of day), and then tailor your spend towards these areas.

You don’t have to overlook new opportunities.

If you’re already in a good space with your Google Ads campaign metrics, it may be time to get a little adventurous. Now is the perfect time to test a new ad strategy that you may not have been able to justify with your previous budget, but can with the Google Ads credit. The benefit here is that you could potentially discover new targets, ad types or even locations of traffic that you would have never known were valuable prior to this experiment. If you haven’t yet delved into other campaign types, now may be the time to explore video ads, display network ads or call ads. Whichever ad combination you decide to try, just keep in mind that your credit will run out at some point, so be sure to streamline your spend and be intentional and focused with your efforts.

Market your new services.

Have you used this time in isolation to incorporate new services or amenities into your property’s list of offerings? If so, now may be the perfect time to market them. Think about investing your credit into boosting your advertising efforts for these new services. You can take the chance on developing completely new ads that are catered to these offerings specifically (through keywords, ad copy, etc.) or invest additional dollars into refreshing existing campaigns (with the new service additions). In due time, you’ll be able to compare the results for each strategy and then determine which investment is more effective.


Rentbot can help.

While you have several options when it comes to your Google Ads investment, one thing still remains the same–your website should be priority. No matter how convincing your Google Ads are, if your website is not up to par, your conversions won’t be either. So, if your website needs a refresh before you make that Google Ads investment, we can help.

At Rentbot, we design websites for your multifamily properties that attract, convert, and retain tenants. We’ll ensure that your site offers high-definition photos, an attractive conversion-optimized layout, real-time availability, a mobile friendly design and online payment, chat and maintenance request features so your renters can find assurance in knowing exactly what and who they’re getting when signing on that dotted line. 

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About the Author

Jonsette Calloway joined the Rentbot team in 2015. With a background in public relations, advertising and copywriting, she has helped a multitude of clients achieve their marketing and communications goals within various fields, but she particularly enjoys working with the apartment industry.