Google Ads–the gift that keeps on giving

Google Ads is a cost-effective way for properties to reach prospects and break through a somewhat flooded digital online landscape. It’s the perfect holiday gift for those looking for a high-performing advertising option that offers maximum control, streamlined targeting, and continued ROI for the long haul.       

The gift of a Google Ads investment can create recurring wins for your property now and into the future. Here’s how:

Results can be seen quickly but continue over time.

A top benefit of Google Ads is that you can potentially experience results in a matter of days. Following approval of your ad, you can begin to notice increased traffic. If your keywords, bid amounts, and messaging and have been clearly researched and tested, the likelihood that you’ll experience results within six months of launching is pretty high. As your ads gain more impressions and additional data is established, you’ll be even better equipped to enhance your targeting efforts and, in turn, experience superior campaign performance. 

The ROI is incomparable.

According to Google, Ads investors make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Ads. This equates to an average ROI of 100%. Those are some pretty decent odds! What’s particularly great about this platform is that you only pay for the results that you land. So, unlike other services, with Google Ads, you simply set your ad budget and determine how much or little you want to spend each day and wait for your users to click. 

There’s unlimited potential.

Thanks to the scalability of Google Ads, you can directly impact the success and performance of your campaign. With millions of keywords to bid on each day and the freedom to bid as low or high as your heart desires, your target audience has no limits beyond the ones you establish. As you increase your bidding amounts, your position on Google’s search engine results pages can follow. The higher your ranking, the more likely you will reap more clicks and traffic, leading to more conversions.

It has one-of-a-kind performance tracking.

Google Ads is laden with a full suite of analytics tools that allow users to track all aspects of their campaign performance to maximize ROI. In addition to providing key campaign insights, Google Ads analytics offer thoughtful recommendations to improve your results based on campaign performance history, settings, and trends across Google. With these recommendations already provided to you at no additional cost, you can focus more on making decisions and less on research. 

Receive high-quality lead generation.

With Google Ads, you’ll be advertising your property to prospects who are most able and likely to move in quickly. Your ad will appear on search results pages when your prospects begin looking for properties like yours through Google’s search bar. As your campaign matures, Google will provide the tools and resources needed to help you improve your ads and reach more people over time. And, as you begin to create more targeted ad and landing page copy and strategically incorporated keywords, you’ll experience greater campaign efficiency.


Rentbot can help.

This holiday season, treat yourself to more high-quality, move-in-ready leads. The benefits of Google Ads are clear; there’s no denying that. If you’re unsure how to start, Rentbot can help.

We offer Google Ads packages with no setup fees or annual contract. You can get started immediately and test your campaigns as long as you like. We’ll provide you with geo-targeted keyword research, optimized campaign setup, full-featured ad creation, monthly reports, strategy calls, and more. Are you ready to turn your website into a new lead generator before the new year? Setup your free consultation today, and we’ll get you started immediately.


About the Author

Jonsette Calloway joined the Rentbot team in 2015. With a background in public relations, advertising, and copywriting, she has helped many clients achieve their marketing and communications goals within various fields, but she particularly enjoys working with the apartment industry.