Four ways to use your Google Ads competition to improve your success

More times than not, in this industry, you will have competitors. Though they’ll likely be there for the long haul, you do not have to always view them in a negative light. Your competition can be leveraged as tools to provide valuable insight and upgrade your digital marketing efforts. In fact, your competitor can often serve as a benefit to your Google Ads campaign, helping you to better optimize campaign performance. 

Here are four simple ways you can use your competition to your advantage, particularly for Google Ads.

1. Identify your actual competitors.

The first step to leveraging your competition is to identify them, understand who they are and where they stand across Google’s SERPs. This is where Google Ads comes into play. By performing a  quick search online with some general keywords that relate to your property, you’ll be able to scout and rank the competition. You can determine if your competitors’ ads outperform your own and ascertain if you need to up the anty with more streamlined targeting efforts. 

2. Gain content insights.

Reviewing your competitors’ copy within their Google Ads and landing pages is particularly helpful for understanding their prospects’ user journey, and ultimately, how the property converts upon clicking. As you navigate their prospect user journey, starting with the Google Ad and clicking through the landing page, pay special attention to design, offers, call-to-actions, and how they all correlate to and align with the ad copy. If they are positioning themselves in a certain way, consider how you can better distinguish yourself in the market. If your high-performing competitors are highlighting specific amenities or features, think about your existing offerings to determine how yours stack up against theirs and consider which, if any, new features you could potentially offer or highlight to remain competitive. 

3. Improve your landing page.

While on the landing page, also take note of design elements like color schemes, responsiveness, pricing, interactive graphic features, like video, and, of course, call-to-actions. Based on the insights gained from your analysis, you can better cater your ad and web copy strategy to help your position in the SERPs and craft landing pages that convert users and provide the specific information they desire. 

4. Uncover new keyword opportunities

You can better optimize your keyword list by taking advantage of your competitor’s rankings.  There are several tools on the market that allow you to determine and compare the keywords your competitors are ranking. You can then use this information to cater your content creation. Additionally, you can discover potential content gaps that need filling. With greater insight into what your audience is searching for and how they draw them in, you’ll understand why each competitor is performing well and what you’ll need to do with your own campaign to score a maximum advantage.


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About the Author

Jonsette Calloway joined the Rentbot team in 2015. With a background in public relations, advertising, and copywriting, she has helped many clients achieve their marketing and communications goals within various fields, but she particularly enjoys working with the apartment industry.