Writing to Sell in a Mobile World

Responsive website? Check!

HD photos? Check!

Content that engages mobile users?

–cricket chirps–

Looks like you’ve invested your marketing dollars into a responsive website that could put your competitors to shame. With your creative, yet functional layout, beautiful property photos and optimization, you just know that your property will boost its way to the top of SERPS both near and far–and will do so on most any device. Though it cannot be denied that you are in fact one step ahead with your website design and overall functionality; but, will your web content prove the same?

Writing for mobile is a little different than writing for other mediums. Because mobile users interact differently with the content on a mobile device, the need to cater that content becomes even more important. For starters, when reading information on mobile devices, one’s eyes tend to focus in on the center of the screen first versus starting at the top left corner. This plays a major factor when crafting and structuring your online content.

But, have no fear! You still have time to correct. Here are some tips that will help in your mobile content journey so that you can ultimately create the best mobile experience for your prospects.

1.Say what you need to say–but, nothing more.

The more content on a page, the more space it will take up on a mobile screen. Considering that you are already under a time crunch for conversion, it is important to hook your prospects as quickly as possible, removing the need for continued swiping or scrolling. This means removing any existing unnecessary words or phrases and ensuring your writing is concise and to the point–essentially, making it “snackable.” After all, who doesn’t love snacking?

Snackable content is clear, direct and easy to consume. While a little content trimming will likely prove beneficial, it should still remain long enough to communicate your point–headlines included. If all else fails, just remember, “tight and right.”

2. Move it on up!

In the case of writing for mobile, saving the best content for last is absolutely positively the wrong approach! Because things can get a little tight on a mobile screen, you should make it a point to start strong, placing your attention grabbing claims and benefits up top. This frontloading technique enables your prospects to quickly determine if your property is the right fit for them, if they should “bounce,” or if they should continue scrolling further.

3. Group when necessary.

Again, considering screen size, you may find it more beneficial to group relative verbiage or points together. By presenting your content in this “chunk” format, your users will not only be better able to digest what you’re offering, but will more inclined to remember it too. There’s quite a bit of scientific research floating around across the web now regarding the effectiveness of chunking content on positive reception and processing–it actually works! So, when in doubt–chunk it out.

4. Keep it simple.

Last but not least, when writing for mobile, you’ll want to use smaller words whenever possible. Instead of impressing your users with your sesquipedalianism, try replacing these words or phrases with a simpler expression. For instance, instead of telling your users to “continue to the subsequent page,” it may be more effective for you to just say, “click for next page.”

By formatting your copy with mobile in mind and following these tips, you’ll undoubtedly increase your chances of hooking your best prospects right where you want them–on their mobile device, resulting in multiple wins for you.


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About the Author

Jonsette Calloway joined the Rentbot team in 2015. With a background in public relations, advertising and copywriting, she has helped a multitude of clients achieve their marketing and communications goals within various fields, but she particularly enjoys working with the apartment industry.