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Picture perfect unit: how to make your community stand out

In the multifamily industry, competition is unavoidable. We are all aiming for the same end goals–to lease more units and to lease them fast. And in today’s world of Snapchats, Instas and Facebook live feeds, people have come to not only rely on but expect decent photos and captivating video–and apartments units are no exception.

Survive Facebook’s recent news feed update

Recently, Facebook announced that it would alter its news feed algorithm in efforts to create a more personal experience. Users will soon begin to see more content from friends, family and groups and less public content, like posts from businesses, brands and media. And if that wasn’t enough to rock your marketing strategy, the popular … Continue reading Survive Facebook’s recent news feed update

Get Big Results with Big Data

You may have heard this word being thrown around in a marketing meeting or two, but weren’t quite sure of its impact to your property–Big Data. Netflix, Amazon, and credit card companies all use it. It’s been a hot buzzword for quite some time, especially within the marketing realm, and it’s being used by companies … Continue reading Get Big Results with Big Data

5 Essential Marketing Tips Every Property Manager Should Know

When it comes to marketing apartments, there is no perfect formula, and different strategies tend to work for different properties. But, there are some important tips that you should know before trying to market your property in today’s rental market. 1. Start with a plan. Before making any major moves with your apartment marketing efforts, … Continue reading 5 Essential Marketing Tips Every Property Manager Should Know

Top 5 Features Renters Want Online

The apartment leasing industry has changed dramatically throughout the years—so much so that managers and agents have had to alter communication styles, upgrade features and, of course, enhance customer service initiatives. One’s website has proven no different. Renters today want convenience, flexibility, accessibility and freedom when it comes to their community’s apartment website. But, what … Continue reading Top 5 Features Renters Want Online

Get into Spring!

Spring is here and you know what that means—renting season is upon us! Spring isn’t just birds singing, warm sunshine and buttercups, it’s also one of the most popular times to move. And with the warm-weather season upon us, it becomes even more important to ensure your property’s marketing is up to par—from your ILS … Continue reading Get into Spring!

Can’t Show It? Snap it!

We’ve already given you some tips on “How to Catch a Millennial.” It’s no secret that this particular rental market is growing and growing fast. We all know that online exposure is key to communicating with Generation Y. And when it comes to apartment marketing, sometimes you have to get a little innovative. We also know to … Continue reading Can’t Show It? Snap it!