Property Mangers and Tenants: Can’t we all just get along?

One of the most frustrating aspects of apartment living can be the customer service that you receive at the leasing office. I have been on both sides of the fence in this arena; an unhappy tenant and a stressed-out property manager, so I believe I can speak frankly about both positions.

It’s tough out front

Being a Property Manager requires a certain amount of empathy mixed with tough-mindedness. I can honestly say that if I didn’t take resident complaints with at least a little bit of salt, I would have been in tears daily.

Residents are often upset and rightly so, because their living situation is full of uncontrollable variables such as who lives below/above/next-door; will there be a parking space available; will the mail end up in the right mailbox; and is rent due on the first of the month if the first is a Sunday and the office is closed.

You get the picture. There are endless opportunities for discomfort and chaos with only one person to settle it straight–the Property Manager. The Property Manager must somehow turn the chaos that is communal living into a rule-following community where the language in the lease always prevails.

Renters have feelings too

The Tenant, on the other hand, often feels that their concerns aren’t being heard. I currently rent at an apartment community where the management literally NEVER answers the phone. For me, doing something as simple as submitting a maintenance request or finding out how much I owe for rent, becomes a complicated hassle.

For this inherently flawed system, the solution for tenants and managers is an updated website that provides the customer service that managers are often too busy to provide and tenants always appreciate. Unfortunately, many Property Managers are still relying on poorly crafted websites that don’t make anything easier for the manager or tenant.

Let Rentbot help

Rentbot’s websites makes tasks like paying rent and requesting maintenance, a painless process for both parties. So, if you’re a stressed out Property Manager give Rentbot a shout. And, if you’re an unhappy tenant, go ahead and tell your busy Property Manager all about our services. We’re happy to help!

About the Author

Jacquelyn Trimper joined the Rentbot team in 2014 after surviving 4 years in property management and marketing. She loves marketing, sales, and writing to help apartment owners and property managers.